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Used Golf Carts site was created with one purpose.. You the potential buyer or owner of a used vehicle and want to get the knowledge you need to fix your golf cart yourself or to atleast not let the shop take you for a ride on your golf cart repair. Enjoy the Gas Golf Cart Maintenance Advice, the Electric Golf Cart Maintenance advice, The Golf Cart Video's, and the Golf Cart Owners Manuals.

We are not selling the vehicle ourself this is more of a golf cart information site to help you get the information you need to make a good decision. If you would like to thank us look at the sponsors on the pages and click on there links.

When you are buying a golf car i would venture to try to find a northern Golf Cart and not a southern one. This isnt a civil war throw back you have to think about the fact that in the south the carts are used everyday, all day, all year. Whereas a Northen car is used something as little as 100 days a year. There is a distinct difference between the vehicles believe us we see it all the time.

There are three major brands of Used Gas Golf Carts and there are four major brands of Used Electric Golf Carts. Gas Golf Carts Include Yamaha, Ezgo, and Club Car. Electric Golf Carts include Yamaha, Ezgo, Club Car, and Fairplay a brand that emerged roughly a decade ago.

Any Questions this site doesnt answer we apologize we will continue to update this site with more information and manuals and videos so bookmark our Used Golf Cart Site and come back.


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When you are selecting a used golf cart a lot of people think that it is like selecting a car and they begin to look more on the outside than the inside... This is not true... When you are selecting your vehicle you need to inspect the condition on the inside. For an electric cart you want to know the age of the batteries first and foremost. If the seller does not know the age of the batteries you can look on trojans on the negative battery post and see the number and letter. The letter corresponds to the month the battery was produced and the number to the year. After that the condition on the exterior is all cosmetic. When you are selecting a gas golf cart you want to check the clutches and the compression on the engine. I realize that the compression on the engine is not something you can just check off of the top of your head but you can rotate the clutches forward and see if they tighten. If they do not tighten then you need to beware. Also you can push the clutches in and out. If they are not smooth in and out then I would probably also beware.


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Used Golf Cart

Used Golf Cart

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